About us


Many students are admitted to the university but find it difficult to make the most of their academic and personal abilities due to financial, personal, educational, and / or social difficulties, as well as the difficulty integrating their studies with family life and their other obligations. In addition, there are unique populations whose hurdles are even more difficult.  These include Haredi educated students, new immigrants, students from the Ethiopian community, whose parents immigrated, and students from outlying areas.

The unit operates the "Learning Communities" program - an academic guidance program for developing academic excellence among students. Assistance is given as individual or group tutoring/mentoring by veteran students who have passed the relevant courses with excellent grades. Additional lessons are provided for specific courses, as well as individualized English instruction as needed. In addition to academic content, the guidelines provide tools for dealing with studies in the specific department. Therefore, we endeavor to find a mentor from the same department where the student studies.

The unit also subsidizes an English summer course for "level 2" students, in order to reduce the course load in the first year of the degree and it also provides tools for dealing with the specific subjects and with improving academic writing and thinking skills.