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The Unit for Equal Opportunities for Arab Students began operating in the middle of the academic year 2008-2009, and was founded on the understanding that admission to the university is only the first obstacle in acquiring a higher education, especially for disadvantaged populations, who come to academia with many barriers and difficulties. The Unit strives to address the unique needs of the Arab students, and to help them successfully reach the finish line. 

One of the aims of the Unit is to reduce the dropout rate and prevent students from dragging out their degree. This requires work both on an individual level and at the university level. The individual level  includes direct work at the academic level and work in other areas of the students' lives from social, economic and cultural aspects. Working on these areas is no less important than the academic level, as it is part of the overall challenges faced by undergraduate students particularly in their first year of studies.

The study model for undergraduates should be implemented from the moment they are accepted to the university until they complete their degree and prepare themselves for the job market and advanced degrees.

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