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Many students are admitted to the university but struggle to make the most of their scholastic and personal abilities due to financial, personal, educational and/or social difficulties, as well as the difficulty of combining studies with family life and other obligations. In addition, there are unique populations whose struggle is even more difficult, such as: Haredi students, new immigrants, residents of the periphery and Arab students. 
The role of the unit is to facilitate the adaptation of these students to their academic studies, to develop unique programs to prevent them from dropping out and to make the most of their abilities. To increase the representation of these populations among the general student population.
The unit provides services of academic mentoring, developing learning skills, summer courses, social support and more. All this is done in order to enable both the personal success of the students and the university's ethical commitment to all population groups enriching the human fabric in Israeli society.

Sections in the unit:
Arab students section. 
Section for students from the periphery, new immigrants, Ethiopian immigrants and graduates of Haredi education.
Preparatory course for graduates.