Additional Information About Scholarships and Awards

University Scholarship Website

The scholarship website is an online scholarship search engine where students can find relevant scholarships according to academic degree and field of study. The Financial Aid Unit is responsible for updating the information regarding the foundations on the website based on financial standing. The update includes deadlines and target population.University Scholarship Website.

Independent application for scholarship

The following are some of the scholarships that students can apply for independently:

Ministry of Defence fund for Released Soldiers

"Memadim Lalimudim" by Ministry of Defence Program  

Irteka Scholarship Fund for Arab, Druze and Circassian Undergraduate Students who study the "preferred fields" of the work market

Scholarships and Grants from the Ministry of Education

IMPACT Scholarship for Released Soldiers

HESEG Foundation for Former Lone Soldiers

Gruss Life Monument Fund for the Advancement of IDF Veterans

Mifal Hapais foundations and funds

The ISEF Foundation to narrow Israel’s socio-economic gap through higher education

HIAS grants for Olim

Schulich Leader Scholarships for Students who study Sceince Ingeneering Mathematics and Technology

THE MOSHAL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM for students from challenging backgrounds

Maccabim Foundation For students at all academic institutions espacially from Iranian origin. Also the foundation suppurt all research relating the legacy culture of Iran jewry and Iranian studies in general.

Yehoshua Salti Foundation For Ladino Studies for the preservation of Ladino and Sephardic Culture

The Fund in memory of Zevik Sommerfeld For students who served in the Paratroopers Recon Unit

Milgapo Scholarships Website in Associate with National Uniun of Israeli Students.

Milgapo is a project in associate with National Uniun of Israeli Students its goal is to aid students locating and submiting scholarships. The system contains more than 800 scholarships.