Adjustments in examinations

BA students:

  1. If you have a valid MATAL evaluation results from the last five years, please provide this documentation to the secretariat of your faculty (humanities, social sciences, nature sciences, etc.). The adjustments will be made in accordance with the recommendations of the report, and according to their feasibility in the institution. 
  2. If you have a valid evaluation results from the last five years, which is not from MATAL institute, it will be reviewed by the unit. The cost of the review - 140 NIS. The submission of the evaluation results to review is performed via the Teaching Affairs Secretariat of the faculty. It is recommended to submit a copy of the evaluation report for up to one month prior to the examinations period.
  3. If your evaluation was conducted over five years ago, it should be renewed.

MA students:

If your evaluation was performed at the age of 22 or later and you were eligible for adjustments during BA studies, please contact the secretariat of your faculty. If necessary, the faculty will pass the evaluation results to the Unit.  Except for special cases, we do not require an additional evaluation for Master's degree.

Individual assistance:

The unit provides all the services that a student with learning disabilities may need, such as: Evaluation of learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders, adjustments for students according to their difficulties and according to the field of studies, adjustments in examinations and observation of their efficacy, counseling, guidance on learning strategies and time planning, guidance and support.

The types of service provided in the unit are:

  1. Free general consultation on learning disabilities and referral to evaluations: the unit provides responses to general questions regarding learning disabilities and their implications, advice on evaluations, methods for coping and a treatment plan.
  2. Individual assistance in improving learning skills: organization and planning of time and learning materials, organizing a study schedule, preparing for exams, memory optimization, quick reading and materials summary strategies, reading articles, reading and understanding questions and instructions, assistance with projects and exercises.
  3. Emotional support - the Unit is located near the Student counseling services and cooperates with them. If necessary and with the consent of the student, he may be referred to individual treatment or test anxiety treatment, in addition to working on learning skills.

** All services provided at the Center are at a cost of up to 150 NIS per year.