Photocopy/Printing vouchers:

For every day of reserve service that coincides with a day of studies, students are entitled to 50 photocopies or 50 printed pages. 
In order to receive photocopy/printing vouchers students must submit a 3010 Form via on line application. After confirmation from Reserve Accommodations Coordinator vouchers can be collected from the Dean of Students Office (Frank Sinatra Building, Mount Scopus Campus) 

How to use the vouchers?

Mt. Scopus Campus: The photocopying facilities are located in the Forum on the second floor. Students who use only part of their photocopy/printing quota, will receive "change" in the form of a new voucher. 

Ein Kerem Campus: The person in charge of the photocopy department (David) converts the photocopy vouchers to a photocopy card. 

Rehovot Campus: New on campus! Standard photocopy coupons without the need to load or wait.

*The service is subsidized by the Dean of Students.

The Student Union provides additional benefits to reservists, and runs the Stars Program. For further details, please visit the Student Union website.

Cellular modems:

The Dean of Students office offers students the option to borrow a cellular modem for the duration of their reserve service, enabling them to send free text messages to all destinations and browse the internet anywhere there is cellular reception.
The modem is used via a personal laptop for the duration of the reserve service only, and is included in the welfare service payment.

Internet browsing with the modem is unlimited, and modems are lent out based on their availability and subject to the departure and return dates of the reserve service. It is best to submit the application before leaving for reserve service. Modems may only be borrowed during the academic year, i.e. from November to July, inclusive. Using the modem is simple and requires a one-time installation of the software to run it.

Guidelines for borrowing a modem:

Modems are lent out based on their availability, and subject to the departure and return dates of the reserve service. It is recommended to pre-order a modem from the library, and before leaving for reserve service students must submit their call-up letter and sign a "Loan of a Cellular Modem" liability form. Modems may only be borrowed during the academic year, i.e. from November to July, inclusive. A modem can be ordered two weeks prior to the date of departure for reserve service from the loans desk or by email to the lending department. (Modems cannot be ordered at the Herman Library). An order must indicate the departure and return dates of the reserve service. An email will be sent to the student confirming the order and that the modem will be at the loans desk on the requested date. If there is no available modem, the student will be notified accordingly. The modem may be borrowed the day before the start of reserve service and returned the day after the end of reserve service (if the reserve service ends on Thursday, the modem must be returned on Sunday).

Mt. Scopus – Humanities and Social Sciences Library, loans desk
Sun-Wed 9:00-21:45, Thu 9:00-19:00

Edmund J. Safra – Harmen Science Library, loans desk
Sun-Wed 9:00-21:45, Thu 9:00-18:15

Ein Kerem – Medical Library named after Muriel and Philip Berman
Sun-Thu 8:30-19:45

Rehovot - Library of Agriculture, Food and Environment
Sun-Thu 9:00-19:45


Modems  can be borrowed from the Science Library and Medical Library when available. They cannot be reserved.

Modems can be reserved up to two weeks in advance from the Library of Agriculture, Food and Environment and the Mount Scopus Library


National Insurance:

At the Student Union stand, Reservists can fill out forms for receiving financial compensation from the National Insurance Institute. Reservists will need to attach a copy of their ID card, student ID, call-up letter and confirmation of their reserve service (Form 3010).

Mt. Scopus Campus: The Student Union stand is located in the forum Sun-Thu, 10:00 to 16:00.

Edmund J. Safra Campus: Student Union Office Sun-Thu, 9:00-15:00

Ein Kerem Campus: The Student Union Office is located in the Student Center building; Sun-Thu, 8:30-12:30; 13:30-16:30. Speak to Galit, the secretary, and the Reserve Accommodations Coordinator.

Rehovot Campus: Mon-Thu, 8:00-15:00 and Sun, 10:00-16:00. Speak to the secretary, Gila

Perach Tutoring Project:

Students who have completed a full year of tutoring, receive a Perach grant and serve as active reservists (more than 10 days a year from July to July) are entitled to a larger Perach grant of an additional NIS 1,000.The grant is paid automatically after the information of the IDF and Perach are cross-checked. The money is deposited along with the last part of the grant during August.