CLAF MENATSIYAH (Hebrew acronym for: Active Learning Courses) is a program of enrichment courses in academic fields that are taught at the Hebrew University, and is intended for high schoolers in grades 10-12 who are the first in their family to study and wish to enrich themselves by studying one of the courses offered in the program. Subjects taught in the program include psychology, business administration, law, and medicine.
The program is based on a model of active study, whereby all the learning material is imparted in an experiential, interactive and enjoyable way. We arrange transportation for the high schoolers and on their arrival at campus, we give them a sandwich and a drink. The idea is to create incentives for the high schoolers to come and study, by giving them as much access to courses and opportunities that exposure to higher education can offer. 
Throughout the course, the high schoolers have a variety of experiences including tours, projects and opportunities to gain experience. In addition to the courses taught, the high schoolers acquire study skills that serve as preparation for the second stage of the LAHAVA program. The course instructors are advanced students in the subjects taught and they are carefully selected before undergoing specific training for the task.

How it works

Students who take part in the program commit to 187 hours throughout the academic year, which are divided into an average of four weekly hours from the beginning of the academic year until the start of classes (December) and an average of 8 weekly hours from the start of classes to the end of the program (May).
These hours are divided into 110 hours of instruction and 77 hours of training. Training takes place on Sundays 17:00 and 19:00.


A scholarship of up to NIS 7,500, contingent on putting in the hours and reporting them.
Recruitment of candidates for the academic year 2016-17 has begun.
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