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Dean’s Greeting

Prof. Udi Shavit

Dear all,

As Dean of the students, I am pleased to congratulate you on joining the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. To this greeting join me the Deputy Dean Irit Harat and all Dean of students Office staff. The goal of our Office is to offer students a pleasant and friendly learning environment and to supplement the knowledge and practice acquired with a positive personal experience during your studies in the University.

The Dean of students Office is appointed to manage an array dedicated to the welfare of University students as members of the University community. The Office staff is always ready to lend a helping hand in solving personal and economic problems and to assist in matters related to social life of the students, in coordination with all the academic and administrative units at the University as well as external bodies.

The Dean of students Office is also responsible for cooperation and relations between the University and the Student Union, and thus regulates the activities of student groups that engage in political and social subjects.

Each and every one of you is invited to meet with me, with Irit or other staff members regarding any topic related to the Dean of students Office activity.

At our website, you will find information about the various units in the Dean of students office, contact details and office hours.

We hope this information will assist you in case of need.

Wishing you a happy, fertile, successful and fun academic year.

Professor Udi Shavit, Dean of students 
Mount Scopus campus, Frank Sinatra building
Tel: 02-5882355, 02-5881833 Fax: 02-5812738