Evaluation Institute

Evaluation objectives

Identification of the type and severity of the disability and determination of eligibility for adjustments in academic examinations and the psychometric entrance test.
The evaluation will help the Support Center to focus the therapeutic plan according to the personal needs of the applicant.

Who needs an evaluation?

The evaluation in the Studies Planning Center (MATAL) is suitable for young people that meet the following criteria:

  • Aged 17 to 30
  • Candidates for higher education or students at an institution of higher education
  • Those who were previously diagnosed with learning disabilities or attention deficit disorder 
  • Or those who have substantial difficulties are apparent in one or more of the following fields: reading, writing, other language functions, mathematics, attention and concentration functions
  • Hebrew speakers at native level
  • Have no physical disability expected to interrupt the performance of evaluation tasks (e.g., vision loss, hearing loss, motor problems).

Evaluation process

The evaluation process includes three meetings: Two sessions of two hours each, designed to perform the MATAL tests, and personal meeting with an expert to deepen the evaluation and provide explanation of the evaluation results and their consequences.
It is important to highlight: The evaluation process takes about 6 weeks from the day of application and until receipt of the report; therefore we recommend to apply as soon as possible!
Please attach the following documents:

  • School reports, especially from 1st, 6th, 9th and 11th grades
  • Matriculation certificate or updated matriculation grades report
  • Updated grade sheet
  • Reports from previous evaluations
  • Score certificate (annex) of the psychometric entrance test
  • Certificates regarding eligibility for adjustments in matriculation exams or psychometric entrance test
  • Other documents relating to difficulties following which you applied for evaluation such as referrals to evaluation, referrals to treatment and support, assessments of teachers or therapists, treatment summaries.

Please note! The documents will not be returned, therefore it is advised to provide us a clear copy and keep the source.

Evaluation costs

The cost of the evaluation is 1450 NIS. 80 NIS  of them constitute a fee for application handling.
Payment will be made as follows:

  1. The application handling fee, 80 NIS, will be paid at the website .
  2. 1315 NIS will be paid at the website .
  3. Additional 55 NIS will be paid after scheduling the evaluation appointments at the site of  National Institute for testing and evaluation (keep the receipt). For payment click here .

Please note! The commencement of process and scheduling of evaluation sessions will be possible only after the delivery of documents and payment of 80 NIS application handling fee.

Contact: preferably via email
The Center for evaluation of learning disabilities and ADD
Reznick dormitories, building 10
טל': 02-5881342
email: Ldd@savion.huji.ac.il


For higher education candidates

MATAL - a computerized system of tests and questionnaires, developed for the purpose of evaluation of applicants for higher education and for students seeking adjustments in examinations and academic studies due to learning disability or attention deficit disorder.
The evaluation system is nationally accepted and its results are valid in all the universities and academic institutions in Israel.
The system was developed specifically for provision of adjustments in the psychometric entrance tests and higher education studies.

For students at the Hebrew University only

The Hebrew University's Evaluation institute operates as part of the Unit for evaluation and support for students with learning disabilities, and constitutes a part of the treatment program. You can contact the Unit for consultation regarding the need for evaluation.
We encourage students to get a free consultation before evaluation in order to examine the need for evaluation and, if it is needed, to decide regarding the type of evaluation. The unit provides writing evaluations, attention evaluations and provides recommendations and references to psychological evaluations. However most of the students are referred to MATAL evaluations.
Further to MATAL evaluation, the Center offers also a clinical-medical evaluation of attention deficit disorder and provides medicinal treatment and follow-up, as needed.
The clinical array supports the MATAL evaluation. It is important to note that clinical evaluation does not make you eligible for adjustments.
Counseling is recommended for any student who has difficulties in his studies and needs assistance, guidance and support in order to improve his learning skills and to realize his full potential.