Coordinator of Religious Affairs

Each campus has a synagogue for Jews and prayer rooms for Muslims. Regular services are held daily, and there are counseling services on halakhic and religious issues. The Unit organizes study evenings, symposia, activities during holidays, sabbaticals, etc. Information is available about kashrut, the academic calendar, the holiday calendar, religious events, etc.

Various Jewish study programs (Bible, Gemara, philosophy, Jewish Heritage, etc.) are provided in conjunction with various institutions: Beit Hillel, Tchelet, friends and Jewish connections.

The coordinator of Religious Affairs works In conjunction with the organization Tzohar, which has a marriage registration office for couples wishing to wed. 

Synagogues and Places of Prayer


Mt. Scopus Campus:

Hecht Synagogue, Humanities Building, Block
Morning prayers (shacharit): 07:00
Evening prayers (ma'ariv): 22:00
Prayers are organized by the students


Prayers are held in the activities room in Building 4 in the Student Village.
Shabbat prayers and meals are coordinated with the Activities Coordinators of the student dorms.

Edmond J. Safra Campus, Givat Ram:

The Israel Goldstein Synagogue is located opposite the dormitory buildings + the Popik Bldg. bomb shelter + the map room in the National Library + the bomb shelter in the Casali Institute of Applied Chemistry + the dining room, in the construction and infrastructure department.

Prayer times:
Afternoon prayers (mincha):
13:30 and16:00 on second floor of the National Library.
13:45 in the administration bldg. and in the bomb shelter of the Casali Bldg. 
Evening prayers (ma'ariv): 
22:00 in the shelter of the Popik Bldg, and in Bldg. 9 of the student dormitories. 
(Prayers are organized by the students.)


The synagogue in the student dorms
07:00 - morning prayers (shacharit)
22:00 - evening prayers (ma'ariv) [organized by students]
Afternoon prayers (mincha) in the administrative bldg.

Ein Karem:

Synagogue of the Hadassah Medical Center

Prayer Rooms for Muslims

Givat Ram, Edmond Safra Bldg.: in the bomb shelter under the computer center

Mt. Scopus: in the bomb shelter of the Humanities Bldg., Block 4-5

Ein karem: School of Medicine

Rehovot: Lectures Bldg., ground floor

Beit Midrash Program

The Beit Midrash project offers students at the Hebrew University access to Jewish studies in addition to their regular academic studies.
The project gives students the opportunity to strengthen their knowledge of Judaism as well as their Jewish identity and commitment to Jewish values, and acquire a deeper spiritual understanding of the world in which we live. The rich program includes shiurim and lectures on Torah, Talmud, Halacha and Jewish thought and philosophy. The Beit Midrash program is open to men and women, religious and secular.

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Coordinator of Jewish Affairs

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