Financial Aid Unit

General information

The university's administration allocates financial resources to assisting students who have difficulty financing their tuition.
The Financial Aid Unit grants scholarships, on the basis of financial need, to undergraduate students and graduate students studying for an M.A., a teaching certificate, a medical degree, a degree in dentistry (clinical rotations, years 4-6), and a degree in veterinary medicine. Eligibility for a scholarship is determined on the basis of students' financial standing and academic achievements.

Amount allocated to scholarships

Student scholarships are allocated from the budget of the university administration and from internal foundations and donations in the university or from external foundations that work in cooperation with the university. The amount allocated to scholarships ranges between NIS 4,500 and NIS 5,000. Scholarships from funds are granted in accordance with the goals of the foundations. Recommendation to foundations are made only for students applying for scholarships, on the basis of their financial standing and in accordance with the specific requirements of the foundations, such as the field of study, origin, place of residence, etc. The amount allocated to scholarships from foundations ranges from about NIS 1,000 to about NIS 30,000.

Applying for a scholarship

An application for a scholarship is submitted via the Personal Information section on the Hebrew University's website.

Scholarship application deadline

New students must apply for a scholarship within 30 days from the date if their acceptance to the university.
Students who have already begun their studies can apply for a scholarship between March-July of the current academic year.

Scholarships for Undergraduates

The following undergraduates are not eligible to apply for a scholarship:

  1. They have received scholarships as per the number of years prescribed for the degree program.
  2. They have "special student" status.
  3. They are studying in a partial study program (except for fourth-year students of Pharmacy, Law, Occupational Therapy).
  4. They are studying in the framework of the Atidim Military Program – Tzameret, HESEG Foundation and Schulich Leader scholarships
  5. They are receiving a scholarship from the Hashefa Foundation scholarships (for undergraduates starting their second or third year in 2016) 
  6. They are studying in an advanced accounting program.
  7. They have received a scholarship from other sources and have reached the scholarship ceiling as stipulated in the regulations of the Financial Aid Committee.
  8. They are not Israeli citizens.

Scholarships for Graduate Students

Graduate scholarships are allocated from internal and external foundations and donations that work in cooperation with the university, based on special requirements of the foundations and donations. The amount allocated to scholarships is decided upon by the foundation.

Eligibility to apply for a scholarship

  1. Students who are Israeli citizens studying for a degree in one of the following categories: Graduate students in their first to third year, studying 50% or more of the course of study (excluding executive programs).
  2. Graduate students in their first and second year, studying for a teacher's certificate.
  3. Full-time students of medicine and dentistry in their fourth to sixth year.
  4. Full-time veterinary students.
  5. Graduate students completing a one-year M.A. program in the School of Social Work.

Additional Information About Scholarships and Awards

University Scholarship Website

The scholarship website is an online scholarship search engine where students can find relevant scholarships according to academic degree and field of study. The Financial Aid Unit is responsible for updating the information regarding the foundations on the website based on financial standing. The update includes deadlines and target population.University Scholarship Website.

Independent application for scholarship

The following are some of the scholarships that students can apply for independently:

Ministry of Defence fund for Released Soldiers

"Memadim Lalimudim" by Ministry of Defence Program  

Irteka Scholarship Fund for Arab, Druze and Circassian Undergraduate Students who study the "preferred fields" of the work market

Scholarships and Grants from the Ministry of Education

IMPACT Scholarship for Released Soldiers

HESEG Foundation for Former Lone Soldiers

Gruss Life Monument Fund for the Advancement of IDF Veterans

Mifal Hapais foundations and funds

The ISEF Foundation to narrow Israel’s socio-economic gap through higher education

HIAS grants for Olim

Schulich Leader Scholarships for Students who study Sceince Ingeneering Mathematics and Technology

THE MOSHAL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM for students from challenging backgrounds

Maccabim Foundation For students at all academic institutions espacially from Iranian origin. Also the foundation suppurt all research relating the legacy culture of Iran jewry and Iranian studies in general.

Yehoshua Salti Foundation For Ladino Studies for the preservation of Ladino and Sephardic Culture

The Fund in memory of Zevik Sommerfeld For students who served in the Paratroopers Recon Unit

Milgapo Scholarships Website in Associate with National Uniun of Israeli Students.

Milgapo is a project in associate with National Uniun of Israeli Students its goal is to aid students locating and submiting scholarships. The system contains more than 800 scholarships.

Contact Us

Dean of Students – Financial Aid Unit, Frank Sinatra Building, ground floor
The office is open Sun-Thu, 11:00-13:00

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טלפון: 02-5882881


The University allocates financial resources to assisting students who have difficulty financing their tuition. In this framework, the university grants one loan a year, in the amount of up to NIS 20,000, which is repayable without interest and linkage.
The interest is paid to the Bank by the University.
The Bank has the right to refuse granting the loan to a student at its own discretion.
After procedures at the bank, the loan will be credited to the student's bank account.

Below is a list of the loans granted -  Terms of the Loan 
To apply for a loan, students must access the Personal Information > Students' Accounts > Loan Application