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The Psychological Service department in Hebrew University was established to offer psychological help and counseling to students, university staff and community members in distress.
The Service offers the best and most up-to-date professional methods of treatment provided in the University environment.
The professional staff consists mainly of psychologists, but also includes several social workers and psychiatrists. Each team member specializes in one therapeutic domain or more.

What is Psychological Therapy?

Psychological counseling is intended to support the mental well-being of the person who seeks help. The treatment is based on a professional relationship that can provide solutions and tools to deal with a wide range of mental distresses and crises.
Certified professionals, who have undergone a process of learning and training, will help you by listening and provision of guidance that will direct you to the channel which will allow you to make the most of the treatment Self-discovery will allow you to deal more efficiently with your problems.

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The Psychological Service provides crisis intervention short-term psychotherapy. Long-term psychotherapy will be provided subject to availability.

 Those who seek treatment are invited to fill out an initial application form online. After receiving the application form, within 24 hours, an email will be sent with a link to a brief questionnaire. After filling out the questionnaire and saving it, a psychologist from the psychological service will contact you by phone to coordinate a frontal or online initial appointment. The purpose of this initial appointment is to understand the therapeutic needs of the student and the appropriate treatment needed.  

The Service is provided sunday to thursday, from 8.00 to 16.00. Requests received after these hours will be addressed the day after.


Referral to the psychological service and the treatment process are kept strictly confidential. No information will be given to or at the Hebrew University, except on the basis of explicit consent and written permission from the student. 






Psychotherapy Studies

Registration Form for a Three-Year Training Program in Psychotherapy

Fee Form for a Three-Year Training Program in Psychotherapy

Psychological counseling services in Hebrew University announce the opening of the 12th cycle of three-year program in the field of psychotherapy in academic year 2019-2020. The program trains psychodynamic therapists through a combination of extensive theoretical studies and practical experience in psychodynamic treatment with guidance.
Psychodynamic treatment (psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapy) is a central and important therapeutic modality in the world of psychology.
The current program is designed to provide a thorough acquaintance with the principles of dynamic approach within an institution recognized by the Ministry of Health for specialization in clinical psychology since 1979. The program is recognized by the Israel Psychotherapy Association and Israeli Association for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, and it is intended for psychiatrists, psychologists, expression and art therapists as well as clinical social workers, with accumulated experience in individual psychodynamic approach.
Psychotherapy training program - psychodynamic therapy:

First Year:

Theoretical seminars:

  • Fundamental ideas in psychoanalytic theory: Freud - 30 hours.
  • Klein and her successors: - 30 hours.
  • The therapeutic relation and psychodynamic treatment techniques (treatment commencement, transference, and countertransference,
  • exposure of the countertransference, failures and their corrections) - 60 hours
  • Group training: 70 hours.
  • 3 psychodynamic treatment sessions in counseling services with personal training.

Second Year

Theoretical seminars:

  • Psychopathology from different aspects (dynamic, CBT, biochemical) – 60 hours.
  • Object relations theories: The basis in Kleinian theory and the continuation with Winnicott and Bion - 30 hours.
  • Kohut's self-psychology: Theory and different modalities of treatment – 30 hours.
  • Group training: 70 hours
  • 3 psychodynamic treatment sessions in counseling services with personal training.

Third Year:

Theoretical seminars:

  • Relational psychoanalysis: Succession and innovation - 30 hours
  • Integration of techniques and theory with case descriptions – 30 hours
  • Dreams, theory and practice (Jungian emphasis) – 30 hours.
  • Therapeutic and ethical issues: Coping with extreme situations - 30 hours.
  • Group training: 70 hours.
  • 3 psychodynamic treatment sessions in counseling services with personal training.
  • Thesis: presentation of case study + discussion.

Total training program hours – 510 hours (approx.)
Staff of lecturers in the program during academic year 2019-2020
Mr. Elhanan Adler
Dr. Rami Aronzon
Ms. Ayelet Nae
Ms. Orit Leibovitz
Dr. Meir Perlov
Ms. Dalia Stuckman
Dr. Eyal Eliash
Ms. Ayala Barak Habib
Ms. Yael Levi Kushnir
Ms. Noa Idar Reznik
Ms. Nurit Arnon
Dr. Noa Schwartz
Ms. Bella Sagi
Ms. Rivka Weiss
Ms. Naama Drenal-Beili
Ms. Edith Nir
The classes will be held on Tuesday mornings, in the Psychological service of the Hebrew University, Meirsdorf dormitories 10, Mount Scopus.
Costs - the cost of the course per year - 9500 NIS.
Cost of training hour - 240 NIS.
Course registration is subject to a registration fee of 350 NIS.
The registration fee is not a part of the tuition and will not be refunded in any case.
Participants who are accepted to the program and approve their participation are obliged to pay an advance fee - 1/4 of the tuition.
The advance fee will not be refunded in case of cancellation after admission and commencement of the program.
For more information and registration please contact the Psychological Service:
Sunday-Thursday from 8:30 AP to 2:30 PM
Secretariat tel.: 02-5880429 or 02-5881367
You can also contact the course coordinator:
Ms. Roni Hovav at Cell. 050-3437755

Specialization in the Service

Specialization in clinical psychology - Psychological Service of the Hebrew University (consulting services)
Student counseling services at Hebrew University announce registration for internship in clinical psychology. The Service is an ambulatory clinical facility for treatment of adults, and it is accredited by the Ministry of Health from 1979. The patients population consists of students at Hebrew University and other institutions of higher education, as well as university employees. The internship program is open for holders of M.A. in clinical psychology.
Three years -  The internship is part-time (20 weekly hours) for three years.
Internship program
The interns will participate in ongoing clinical activity at the Service, with an emphasis on individual psychotherapy using psychodynamic approach.
Trainings: 2 weekly hours of personal training in dynamic psychotherapy
Psychotherapy group training
Group or couples training in diagnostics
Reading seminar - psychoanalytic theories (3 years)
Intake seminar (semester)
CBT training seminar for anxiety disorders (semester)
Treatment hours: 10 weekly hours distributed between dynamic therapies and CBT treatments.
Please submit:
  1. Formal curriculum vitae (C.V.) with detailed description of practical work (clinical or other). Highlight the psychodynamic clinical experience as well as CBT experience.
  2. Description of life course from a personal perspective - three printed pages at most. This description is intended to allow the applicant to express his understanding about his life course and the relation to his personal evolution as a therapist.
  3. Official description of the courses and grades within M.A. studies and certificate of graduation (or thesis submission) 
  4. At least two letters of recommendation from instructors who are familiar with applicant’s professional work (preferably personal instructors). Please include phone numbers of references to contact.
  5. Email address and telephone number (to deliver invitation to an interview).
  6. Attach a recent photo (passport photo)

The applicants should submit ll required documents before 1.9.19. Applications will not be accepted after this date. Suitable applicants will be invited for interviews. 
Applications address
Dr. Meir Perlov, Training Manager, Student counseling services,
Reznick 10 dormitories, Mount Scopus
Hebrew University of Jerusalem 91905
Tel: 02-5881699 or 02-5880249.

News and Events

To appeal to Specialization in the Service till 1.9.19

Application to Psychotherapy Studies ended

In case of a late registration to both programs, you may be informed at Psychological Service Secretariat after Passover holiday at 025881367 or 025880429

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Address: Reznick dormitories, building 10, third floor. Opening hours: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday - from 08:00 AM to 02:00 PM.
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Campus Edmond J. Safra (Givat Ram):

Student Suppurt Center - Near the synaguge Reception hours - by appointment
Tel: 02-5880429
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Ein Kerem

Intended for students studying at Ein Kerem campus only.
Telephone for messages: 02-5880429
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Intended for students of the Faculty of Agriculture
Reception hours - by appointment
To arrange an appointment please contact Ms. Hila Alexander by email: or telephone: 02-5880429
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