Financial Aid Unit

General information

The university's administration allocates financial resources to assisting students who have difficulty financing their tuition.
The Financial Aid Unit grants scholarships, on the basis of financial need, to undergraduate students and graduate students studying for an M.A., a teaching certificate, a medical degree, a degree in dentistry (clinical rotations, years 4-6), and a degree in veterinary medicine. Eligibility for a scholarship is determined on the basis of students' financial standing and academic achievements.

Amount allocated to scholarships

Student scholarships are allocated from the budget of the university administration and from internal foundations and donations in the university or from external foundations that work in cooperation with the university. The amount allocated to scholarships ranges between NIS 4,500 and NIS 5,000. Scholarships from funds are granted in accordance with the goals of the foundations. Recommendation to foundations are made only for students applying for scholarships, on the basis of their financial standing and in accordance with the specific requirements of the foundations, such as the field of study, origin, place of residence, etc. The amount allocated to scholarships from foundations ranges from about NIS 1,000 to about NIS 30,000.

Applying for a scholarship

An application for a scholarship is submitted via the Personal Information section on the Hebrew University's website.

Scholarship application deadline

New students must apply for a scholarship within 30 days from the date if their acceptance to the university.
Students who have already begun their studies can apply for a scholarship between March-July of the current academic year.