General Information - Rights and Auxiliary Accessories

Commission for Equal Rights for People with Disabilities

The Commission operates to enforce the Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Law of 1998. Its activities include legislation, enforcement, training, community integration, consulting and legal representation. The public inquiries unit of the Commission accepts inquiries from Sunday to Thursday, 08:00 AM to 03:00 PM.

Bizchut - The Israeli Human Rights Center for People with Disabilities

“Bizchut” works to promote the rights of people with all types of disabilities, to integrate them into all aspects of life. People with disabilities, family members and professionals are invited to contact the Public Inquiries Center of “Bizchut” in cases where a person's right has been violated due to his disability. Address: P.O.B. 34510, Jerusalem, 91000 Tel: 02-6521308 Fax: 02-6521219 E-mail: Website:

Disability Rights Clinic in the Faculty of law of the Hebrew University

The clinic works to promote the rights of people with disabilities to achieve their full integration in society, focusing primarily in the areas of employment and education. The clinic provides legal advice to individuals and organizations in the field. In appropriate cases, the clinic also accompanies and represents clients in legal proceedings in various courts. In addition, the clinic promotes legislation and policy changes in the field. The services are provided free of charge by law students, under the guidance and direction of lawyers. Tel: 02-5882554 or 02-5882569 Fax: 02-5882544 E-mail:

Kol Zchut (All Rights)

Comprehensive database about the rights of residents of Israel and the ways to realize them:


Information in Hebrew, Russian and Arabic about over 16,000 accessories, suppliers and lenders


A public association which operates in order to increase the quality of life and facilitate the integration of people with disabilities using accessible, adapted technological environment. The association provides professional and impartial counseling on accessories in every field, including the educational accessories. In addition, the association employs a group of technical volunteers who create customized, tailor-made accessories for the applicant, if there is no suitable accessory in the market:

Jerusalem workshop of accessories for disabled people - The Center for Independent Living

The staff in workshop, designs, develops and manufactures tailor-made accessories and provides maintenance service for wheelchairs, special adjustments for seats, handles, crutches, etc. Address: St. Martin 5 St., Gonenim Tel: 02-6481460 Facebook page: