Graduate Mechina Program

Graduate Mechina website

The Graduate Mechina program is located in Jerusalem and is affiliated with the Hebrew University's Mt. Scopus campus. The mechina operates as part of the Social Involvement Unit in the Dean of Students, and is supported by the Association for the Advancement of Education and the Unit for Assistance to Released Lone Soldiers in the Ministry of Defense. The mechina holds courses to complete full bagrut, with an emphasis on social issues and individual assistance to each student.
The Mechina has an organized learning framework. The teaching staff is highly trained, professional and experienced in teaching heterogeneous classes. They are dedicated and caring, with high social awareness and the ability to work closely with graduates and help them cope with their difficulties. The quota of hours of instruction corresponds to the needs of the students, and is adequate to cover the course material. The mechina is a real opportunity to experience success in your studies. Students mentoring in the Unit work with a student in a specific field of study to help them succeed in the Bagrut examinations. The activity is 4 weekly hours during the academic year in exchange for a Perach scholarship, which is usually high.

Mechina Director – Dakar Shimshon

Mt. Scopus Campus, Frank Sinatra Building, room 3-005
Sun-Thu 09:30-16:00
Tel: 02.5881825
Fax: 02.5880174