ISEF Program

ISEF is one of the most long-established private scholarship foundations in Israel, and is also a social and Zionist organization that works to reduce disparities in Israeli society and to promote equal opportunities in education by increasing access to higher education.
The core values of ISEF are to foster education as a central tool for personal and national development, strengthen social commitment and personal identity, promote multicultural collaboration and strengthen the State of Israel as a democratic Jewish state.
The main target population, which ISEF sees as the key to realizing its vision, are students who come from Israel's economic and social periphery, have completed their IDF service or National Service, have the potential to succeed, personally and academically, and have a background and interest in social involvement.
Membership in the ISEF program involves participation in a program for social commitment and leadership - 15 sessions during the year (on Fridays); participation in educational and community activities - 4 hours per week; individual and academic support to students, in exchange for a high scholarship in cooperation with the Hebrew University.
Students who are members of the Foundation enjoy significant support while making a connection between their personal identity, social commitment and community work. The Foundation supports undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students, and provides its members with a wide range of assistance beyond the scholarship.
In the academic year of 2016-17, the scholarship was NIS 20,000 for undergraduates, and NIS 18,500 for graduate students.
The application process for membership in the ISEF involves filling out forms, a screening workshop and a personal interview.
Students wishing to apply for membership in the ISEF program are requested to fill out application forms on the ISEF website
From June 2017, admission to the ISEF Foundation is contingent upon applying for and receiving a scholarship in the university's Financial Aid Unit.
Further information about the Foundation can be found on the ISEF website
The Director of ISEF can be contacted at Jerusalem Program   
Please contact Michal Oli, Program Director.
Tel: 02-5881379, e-mail: