The LAHAV program (Hebrew acronym for: Towards Higher Education at the Hebrew University) was founded 17 years ago and is intended for high school students who are the first in their families to study higher education, and graduates of CLAF MENATSIYAH with strong learning abilities who are motivated and can commit to the program.
Those students, who successfully completed the first year of CLAF MENATSIYAH, enroll and study in university courses, like any other student. Those who meet the course requirements accumulate credit points that are reserved for a future date, when they will be admitted to the university.
It should be emphasized that beyond the 6 to10 credits accumulated by students in the program – which will help them when they study for a degree – the key Recompense of the program lies in internalizing the message: "I will be a student too" and that it's not unattainable but simply involves hard work and applying yourself to your studies. The teenagers in the program are supervised by mentoring students who study or have studied the same courses the teenagers study.

How it works

Student who participate in the program are responsible for 10 teenagers. The students mentor the teenagers once a month and monitor their progress. The students commit to an average of four weekly hours and a total of 124 hours throughout the academic year, which are divided up into 80 hours of mentoring, 44 hours of group training and 7 hours of one-on-one meetings with their supervisor once a month.


A scholarship of up to NIS 4,700, contingent on putting in the hours and reporting them.
Recruitment of candidates for the academic year 2016-17 has begun.
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