The Learning Center for the Blind


The Learning Center for the Blind was established in 1996. Its establishment was promoted and funded by “Ale” - Association for the advancement of blind students in Israel.
Its main purpose is to assist students, blind and visually impaired, who study at the Hebrew University. The Center provides services to about 150 students of the University and preparatory courses. The Learning Center for the Blind is located in Mount Scopus campus and serves blind and visually impaired students who study in faculties across the campus. An extension of the Center in Edmond J. campus (Givat Ram), serving blind and visually impaired students who study at the Nature Science faculty. Services are provided also to students from Rehovot campus.

Target population:

Students with “Blind certificate” (issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs for the blind) and visually impaired students with disability recognized by the National Insurance Institute.

Services for students in the Learning Center for the Blind:

  • 14 private study rooms and 3 computerized classrooms equipped with the best accessories and tools for blind and visually impaired. In case of need this equipment is also installed in regular classrooms and on other computers at the University.
  • Academic library with audio books, Braille books and enlarged texts named after Dr. Ana Mintz-Brachot - information on audio books can be found at the website of Library Administration under other catalogs in the Learning Center for the Blind library.
  • Reading aloud of academic material and tutoring – the adjustment is made according to the student's needs and is reviewed every semester.
  • Academic and personal advice and assistance in contact with various community services, assisting in contact with the University communities (academic and administrative).
  • University exams with the help of personal reader, writer or by computer.
  • Rental of computerized assistive equipment for the student’s use at home.
  • Assistive equipment study courses, orientation & mobility services.
  • Rooms for the students in dormitories.
  • Job search workshop for graduates.
  • Employment-promoting activities for students before the end of their studies, such as: “Blind students tutoring blind children”.
  • Tutoring for students of preparatory courses.
  • Activities for students of therapeutic professions: "Information and consultation stations in 20 ophthalmology clinics in hospitals for patients who recently lost their sight”.
  • Editing and production of radio program “Do not see at a meter” at Mount Scopus radio.
  • Production of newsletter of Learning Center for the Blind.
  • Gaining experience in coordination of various activities at the Center, such as: coordination of tutoring and courses, coordination of “Aluma” program - national service for blind and visually impaired, training and teaching.

Before academic studies:

Preparatory courses for matriculation certificate for the blind and visually impaired: we provide a program that allows students to complete their matriculation certificate or improve matriculation grades. The program is tailor made and its length is from one to two years. Each year it enrolls about 30 students. It is held for 18 years in a row. 
Psychometric entrance test course for the blind and visually impaired: since this specific population takes the exam under special conditions, we provide a course that allows the blind students to practice in this particular setting, such as oral or recorded exam. We offer courses in various languages, when needed. About 20-30 candidates for exam enroll yearly.