Links and General Information


Websites on the subject of learning disabilities

  • General information about learning disabilities
  • Article from “Hebrew Psychology” website on the subject of emotions experienced by people with learning disabilities 
  • Explanation on the subject of learning disabilities, their types and site characteristics -  Dr. Ilana Modlinger
  • Dyslexia - “no read” disability - Dr. Oren Lem, from “Matach” webste
  • Website containing many articles on the subject of learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder, both in adults and in children.  You can search the website by search words (English, Spanish)
  • Website  for students with learning disabilities, ADHD, and more (English) 

Information sites about attention deficit disorder

  • Lines and thoughts - The Israeli Organization for ADHD 
  • If someone had told me - a guide for parents of students with attention deficit disorder. By the Ministry of education, Pedagogical Administration, psychological services - Consultations of Learning Disabilities and Attention Disorders Department (PDF file)
  • Ogen (Anchor) - a portal dedicated to learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders in Israel at all ages.
  • CHADD - American organization providing support and information for people with attention deficit disorders 

Learning strategies

  • Center for Advancement of Learning Muskingum University site on the subject of learning strategies, containing large amount of organized material (English) 
  • Website on the subject of learning guidelines and strategies - content in different languages.  
  • Kabaim (Crutches) - learning skills tools, website of Channa Tzafrir

Several sites on the subject of writing an argument (English):

Relevant literature on learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder and learning strategies

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