Nursing and Diaper Changing Rooms

The nursing room has opened on the Safra campus in the “Teachers' cabin”. You can receive the access card from lending desk at Herman library.
To find the facilities please use the campus map

Mount Scopus campus

  • Humanities faculty: The nursing room is located at block 3 (under Hecht synagogue). You can get a key for long-term use in the Teaching Affairs Secretariat (Tel: 02-5881070)  or at the Deputy Dean office of the faculty (Tel: 02-5883718). The room is equipped with fridge, freezer, milk pump outlet and a seat.A folding diaper changing pad is placed at the diaper changing station, adjacent to the nursing room. There is no need for key.
  • Education and social work: A nursing room in the library on the entrance floor on the left.
  • Faculty of Law: The nursing and diaper changing room is located in the Law library, in the room to the left of the elevator. For keys please turn to the lending desk (or to Mazal in the secretariat of the library administration). The keys must be returned immediately after use. The nursing room is equipped with a freezer, a power socket for a milk pump and a sofa. If necessary, you can ask the library administration to use the refrigerator in the drinks corner.
  • Social Sciences faculty: In the Dean’s offices, room 3719. Turn to Sarit in order to receive a key to the next room. She will even allow you to use the office refrigerator (room 3700). Note that the room in which the refrigerator is located is closed daily at 4:00 PM. Two folding diaper changing pads located in the toilets (both for men and women), adjacent to the "computers farm”.
  • Humanities and Social Sciences library (the Forum): Folding diaper changing pad is located in the handicapped toilet of the ground floor (at the main entrance to the library, turn right into the library's administration offices).

Edmond J. Safra campus (Givat Ram)

You can use the nursery room in Papick building (to the left of the entrance) during its work hours (from 08:00 AM to 04:00). In addition, there are two nursing and changing rooms:

  • The first one is located in the students’ club and “teacher's cabin” near Papick building. You can receive the keys from lending desk at Herman library.
  • The second room is located in the Engineering and computer science school, room A113. Folding diaper changing pad is located in Feldman A-B halls at the entrance to the toilet.

Rehovot campus

Nursing room is located at the library, room 107. You can get a key for a long-term use from the Teaching Affairs Secretariat Mary Levy. Phone number: 08-9489331.

Ein Kerem campus

  • Medicine. A permanent nursing room is located in the medical library, on the floor of the seminar rooms. It is equipped with refrigerator, lockers (for storage of milk pumps and related equipment), diaper changing surface, electrical outlets, screen, armchairs, sink with hot and cold water. Keys for lockers and refrigerators are available for a deposit of 20 NIS. Person in charge: Aviva Efraim, Control Room, seminar rooms, 4th floor of the Faculty's medical library building, Tel: 02-6758246 Folding diaper changing pad is located at the Medical library, toilets in the entrance to the building.
  • Nursing: A temporary nursing room is located in the nursing building on the entrance floor (the entrance from the hospital, next to the post office). After entering the building turn right, walk to the end of the corridor. The room to the right, next to the bathroom, dressing cubicles and lockers. The room is equipped with a chair, a refrigerator, a diaper changing surface and an electrical outlet.
  • Student Union: Galit Shemesh, the secretary of the Student Union, allows students to pump milk and breastfeed in the coordinators' rooms. Student Union offices, Student Center building, basement floor. The room is equipped with a chair, an electrical outlet and a refrigerator.