OPI – Youth Programs


The OPI project (Active University in Jerusalem) is the university's flagship social project, in the framework of which the university and students are committed to helping youth at risk and running various programs that support and empower them. The purpose of these programs is to expose youth to higher education and the cultural and emotional worlds of students, and as such develop their abilities and self-esteem, give them hope for a brighter future and the opportunity for social mobility. We also strive to develop the students who participate the project by encouraging them to participate in a group of social study and activism among themselves and also with the youth, with the aim of sharpening social awareness and sensitivity that they can express in their student life as well as in the future after their studies.

How it works

The OPI project runs the following 5 programs: 
"Hand in Hand" individual tutoring – a big brother/sister program whereby students tutor youth at risk – individually and in groups - who live in frameworks away from home. 
"Life Experience" groups - a program of group activity for youth at risk who live in educational frameworks away from home. The activity is enriching and experiential and takes place in the various educational frameworks. (This program will not take place in the next academic year – 2016/17.)
CLAF MENATSIYAH - academic enrichment courses for youth that takes place on campus. The youth choose a course and study it at the university throughout the academic year.
LAHAV – a continuation of the CLAF MENATSIYAH program whereby high schoolers come to the university and attend academic courses for which they receive credits that are reserved for when they become fully-fledged students at the university.
A Real Opportunity - a program whereby students from Israel's outlying areas serve a bridge between university and their towns and neighborhoods. These students track down young men and women and assist them in pursuing higher education, with an emphasis on the Hebrew University in particular.

We also hold special activities – as part of the OPI project – for the youth and staff of the educational frameworks in which we work:
Highlight events for youth: once a month we organize special events for youth, such as trips, visits to attractions and museums, shows, etc., that take them out of their routine and broaden their cultural horizons.
Seminars for staff: the staff attend seminars where they learn topics that are being researched at the university and are relevant to their work. Researchers get feedback on the staff's progress and can draw conclusions from field workers.

  • The student activity is facilitated and includes intensive theoretical and practical training.
  • All the programs work with youth from the west and east Jerusalem.


The amount of the scholarship varies depending on the program and the number of hours required to invest. Scholarships range between NIS 7,000-7500.

How to sign up to the programs

  • Applicants are to send their resume to the email address below and include a cover letter explaining their reason for wanting to

    participate in the program.

  • Only suitable applicants will receive a reply.
  • Candidates will be invited to a group interview and an individual interview in September.

Recruitment of candidates for the academic year 2016-17 has begun.
Email to submit application and/or queries: refaelboukai@gmail.com

Refael Boukai, Director of Youth Programs, Unit for Social Involvement