Organizations that Serve a Targeted Audience

Leshem - Association for the advancement of higher education and employment for people with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder.

Address: P.O.B. 1078, Kokhav Ya'ir 44964 Tel: 09-7498001, Fax: 15397498001 E-mail: Website:

The Institute for the Advancement of Deaf Persons in Israel

The association promotes the subject of higher education on the public level (awareness raising and changing perceptions, rights implementation and adjustments in relevant public and academic institutions). The association offers a support center for deaf and hearing-impaired students that provides counseling, support and advocacy. Address: 63 La Guardia St., Tel-Aviv Contact for institutions: Orit Zolberg - 03-6311595, extension 6 E-mail: Contact for students: Nana Bar - Website:

Aleh - Association for the Advancement of Students with Vision Impairment and Dyslexia in Israel

Tel: 02-5812663 E-mail: Website:

Bekol - Organization of Hard of Hearing People in Israel

An organization working to promote accessibility for the hearing-impaired on a variety of levels, including higher education. Organizes recreational activities (courses and lectures), and self-help groups run by hearing-impaired people. In Jerusalem the service is provided in collaboration with “Beit Zusman” - Jerusalem municipality center, community services administration. The service includes individual counseling by social workers specializing in hearing disabilities. Lending of FM system for students is available for free. Address: Beit Zusman, 15 Rubinstein St. (entrance from 3 Borochov St.), Kiryat Yovel. Tel: 02-6413243, Fax: 02-6437004 Cellular for SMS: 057-7639123 E-mail: “Bekol” branch in Tel-Aviv: 17 Tchernichovsky Street, Tel: 03-5257001, Fax: 03-5257004 E-mail:; Facebook:

AlManarah - Association for Persons with Disabilities in Arab Society

The Association operates in the field of legal advocacy, community awareness, empowerment and skill development, as well telephone and individual counseling. The Association, which is located in Nazareth, offers an activity hall, a computer room that includes equipment for people with visual disabilities, Braille printers, recording studio and a library with audio books, Braille books and electronic books in Arabic. Address: Taha building, 2nd floor (near the intersection of Um and Assaf), Nazareth, Derech Yafia 16211. (PO box: 11053) Tel: 04-6011574, Fax: 04-6011579 Web site: Facebook page: ALMANARAH Association Asperger – Israel (“Effie”) Address: P.O.B. 70, Kfar Yona Tel: 09-7718010; 058-776053 Fax: 09-8948006 E-mail: Website:

Eyal - Israel Epilepsy Association

Address: PO box: 1598, Jerusalem Zip code: 91014 Telephone: (Jerusalem branch) 02-5000283 E-mail: Website:

Asaf - Association of CFC and Fibromyalgia Patients

Address: PO box: 1944, Shoham Zip code: 60850 Telephone: 03-5090030, 1-700-70-70-08 E-mail: Website:

The Israel Foundation for Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

Address: PO box 5, Yokneam Zip code: 67443 Telephone: 03-6421999 E-mail: Website:

Address: 10 David Hakmi St., Tel Aviv 67778 Tel: 03-5371065, Fax: 03-5371066 E-mail: Website:

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Address: 10 Rothschild St., Tel Aviv 66881 Tel: 03-5160171, Fax: 03-5100724 E-Mail: Website:

The Israel Multiple Sclerosis Society

You are invited to come and use all material in the library of the Association, which is the largest and most update library on the subject of multiple sclerosis in the Middle East. In addition, the society provides training for students, which includes meetings with multiple sclerosis patients. Address: 16 Homa Umigdal St., Tel Aviv Mailing address: PO box: 37430, Tel-Aviv 61373 Contact person: Janine Wosberg, CEO and Director of Patient Services Tel: 03-5377002, Fax: 03-5377004 E-mail: Website: