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Preparation for studies

A Step Ahead Program (Tsa’ad Lefne Kulam)

A Step Ahead is a program designed to prepare students academically, socially and emotionally for higher education. The program includes English as a foreign language, and a course in the field of study relevant to the faculty in which the student will be studying. (The student may choose one of three courses: Introduction to Chemistry, Introduction to Mathematics or Academic and Scientific Writing.)

Summer English course and preparation for academic studies:

The course offers a "Level 2" English summer course to Arab students, with the Unit financing the cost of the course and dormitory accommodation. The objectives of the course are to enable students to significantly improve their English before the start of the school year and invest more time and effort in their academic courses. During the three-week English course, the students engage in activities and training aimed at preparing them for their academic studies. These include lectures and workshops on various topics such as study and computer skills, getting acquainted with the university and the library, time management, grants, etc.

Orientation day and preparation for the academic year:

The aim of student orientation is to present the students with the Unit's basket of services as part of the services provided by the Dean of Students. Orientation also exposes students to the university before the start of the academic year and provides them with general tips that ease their integration, especially in the first two weeks.