Procedures for appealing to VALTAM (Reserve Coordination Committee)

Your appeal to VALTAM may be submitted for reserve service of 6 days or more.

Before sending your appeal, it is recommended to speak directly with your commander regarding your required accommodations.

First Year Students - Please ensure that you are recognized as students in your military unit, which should be sent proof of your student status at the University.  

First degree – your appeal to VALTAM (Reserve Coordination Committee) may be submitted between 60 to 30 days prior to your call-up date, and will be discussed 21 days prior to your call-up date. 

Second degree – you may only submit your appeal (if you are studying three or more courses) during the exam period and as long as your reserve service is at least 21 days. You are to include in your appeal confirmation of your student status, your study schedule and your exam timetable.

Mechina (Preparatory Program) – The Mechina Office must be signed on the VALTAM form.

Students who serve as paramedics, and second year (and up) medical students, must fax their VALTAM forms to the VALTAM for doctors: 03-7376312, and to confirm their receipt by phone: 03-7379536. The forms will be forwarded to the commanders, and therefore these appeals need to be submitted as early as possible for them to be handled in a timely manner. Should your reply be delayed, please contact the Reserve Accommodations Coordinator with your personal number.You may appeal the decision of VALTAM within seven days from the date of receiving the decision, i.e. up to 14 days before your call-up date. The form should be filled out with the Reserve Accommodations Coordinator at the Dean of Student's Office. A hearing on your request for appeal, if submitted on time, shall take place up to seven days prior to your call-up date.

Required forms

  • Appeal (stamped by the relevant office)
  • Copy of call-up letter
  • Personal letter
  • Exam timetable - recommended

Your documents and forms to VALTAM should be sent to the following address:

24 hours after sending your appeal to VALTAM, please contact the Reserve Call Center to confirm its receipt: Tel: 03-6553655, *6535 

Opening hours: Sun-Thu, 8:00-19:00