Psychological Service

About us

The Psychological Service department in Hebrew University was established to offer psychological help and counseling to students, university staff and community members in distress.
The Service offers the best and most up-to-date professional methods of treatment provided in the University environment and under its sponsorship.
The service also provides community services for diagnosis and treatment even for those not studying or working at the University, so that the community benefits from the high service level, and significantly lower rates than those practiced in the private sector. Hence, the community enjoys high level of service with affordable prices, significantly lower than those accepted on private market.
In addition, we offer organizational counseling to various institutions. Our professionals have specialized in organizational counseling to other educational and organizational frameworks (high schools, colleges, the Jewish Agency, etc.). Counseling, intervention, and organizational modification models were composed on the basis of the principles of therapeutic and clinical understanding, as well as systemic organizational understanding.
The professional staff consists mainly of psychologists, but also includes several social workers and psychiatrists. Each team member specializes in one therapeutic domain or more.