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Registration Form for a Three-Year Training Program in Psychotherapy

Fee Form for a Three-Year Training Program in Psychotherapy

Psychological counseling services in Hebrew University announce the opening of the 12th cycle of three-year program in the field of psychotherapy in academic year 2019-2020. The program trains psychodynamic therapists through a combination of extensive theoretical studies and practical experience in psychodynamic treatment with guidance.
Psychodynamic treatment (psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapy) is a central and important therapeutic modality in the world of psychology.
The current program is designed to provide a thorough acquaintance with the principles of dynamic approach within an institution recognized by the Ministry of Health for specialization in clinical psychology since 1979. The program is recognized by the Israel Psychotherapy Association and Israeli Association for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, and it is intended for psychiatrists, psychologists, expression and art therapists as well as clinical social workers, with accumulated experience in individual psychodynamic approach.
Psychotherapy training program - psychodynamic therapy:

First Year:

Theoretical seminars:

  • Fundamental ideas in psychoanalytic theory: Freud - 30 hours.
  • Klein and her successors: - 30 hours.
  • The therapeutic relation and psychodynamic treatment techniques (treatment commencement, transference, and countertransference,
  • exposure of the countertransference, failures and their corrections) - 60 hours
  • Group training: 70 hours.
  • 3 psychodynamic treatment sessions in counseling services with personal training.

Second Year

Theoretical seminars:

  • Psychopathology from different aspects (dynamic, CBT, biochemical) – 60 hours.
  • Object relations theories: The basis in Kleinian theory and the continuation with Winnicott and Bion - 30 hours.
  • Kohut's self-psychology: Theory and different modalities of treatment – 30 hours.
  • Group training: 70 hours
  • 3 psychodynamic treatment sessions in counseling services with personal training.

Third Year:

Theoretical seminars:

  • Relational psychoanalysis: Succession and innovation - 30 hours
  • Integration of techniques and theory with case descriptions – 30 hours
  • Dreams, theory and practice (Jungian emphasis) – 30 hours.
  • Therapeutic and ethical issues: Coping with extreme situations - 30 hours.
  • Group training: 70 hours.
  • 3 psychodynamic treatment sessions in counseling services with personal training.
  • Thesis: presentation of case study + discussion.

Total training program hours – 510 hours (approx.)
Staff of lecturers in the program during academic year 2019-2020
Mr. Elhanan Adler
Dr. Rami Aronzon
Ms. Ayelet Nae
Ms. Orit Leibovitz
Dr. Meir Perlov
Ms. Dalia Stuckman
Dr. Eyal Eliash
Ms. Ayala Barak Habib
Ms. Yael Levi Kushnir
Ms. Noa Idar Reznik
Ms. Nurit Arnon
Dr. Noa Schwartz
Ms. Bella Sagi
Ms. Rivka Weiss
Ms. Naama Drenal-Beili
Ms. Edith Nir
The classes will be held on Tuesday mornings, in the Psychological service of the Hebrew University, Meirsdorf dormitories 10, Mount Scopus.
Costs - the cost of the course per year - 9500 NIS.
Cost of training hour - 240 NIS.
Course registration is subject to a registration fee of 350 NIS.
The registration fee is not a part of the tuition and will not be refunded in any case.
Participants who are accepted to the program and approve their participation are obliged to pay an advance fee - 1/4 of the tuition.
The advance fee will not be refunded in case of cancellation after admission and commencement of the program.
For more information and registration please contact the Psychological Service:
Sunday-Thursday from 8:30 AP to 2:30 PM
Secretariat tel.: 02-5880429 or 02-5881367
You can also contact the course coordinator:
Ms. Roni Hovav at Cell. 050-3437755