Real Opportunity

In the framework of this program, 14 students from Israel's outlying areas are chosen to serve a bridge between the university and their towns and neighborhoods. The students track down young men and women and assist them in pursuing higher education, with an emphasis on the Hebrew University in particular. The students operate at the urban and neighborhood level to help bring young people to the university's Open Day, and also operate at the personal level by informing young people from outlying towns or neighborhoods about the assistance they can receive at university.

How it works

14 students from outlying towns and neighborhoods will be selected for the program. Each student will commit to 157 hours throughout the academic year, which are divided into 100 hours of activism in outlying towns and the university, 50 hours of group training and 7 hours of individual sessions with the supervisor.


A scholarship of NIS 6,500 which will be transferred to the student's account at the university in two stages: during the semester break and at the end of the academic year.
How to sign up to the program
Applicants are to send their resume to the email address below and include a cover letter explaining their reason for wanting to participate in the program.
Only suitable applicants will receive a reply.
Candidates will be invited to a group interview and an individual interview in September.

Email address for questions and/or queries:

Recruitment of candidates for the academic year 2016-17 has begun.