Scholarships for Undergraduates

The following undergraduates are not eligible to apply for a scholarship:

  1. They have received scholarships as per the number of years prescribed for the degree program.
  2. They have "special student" status.
  3. They are studying in a partial study program (except for fourth-year students of Pharmacy, Law, Occupational Therapy).
  4. They are studying in the framework of the Atidim Military Program – Tzameret, HESEG Foundation and Schulich Leader scholarships
  5. They are receiving a scholarship from the Hashefa Foundation scholarships (for undergraduates starting their second or third year in 2016) 
  6. They are studying in an advanced accounting program.
  7. They have received a scholarship from other sources and have reached the scholarship ceiling as stipulated in the regulations of the Financial Aid Committee.
  8. They are not Israeli citizens.