Social Involvement in Exchange for a Scholarship

Unit for Social Involvement

Dear Students,
The Division for Social Involvement invites you to join one of the following social involvement initiatives: 

  • Ma'agalim program
  • OPI – Youth programs
  • "Women Speaking Hebrew on Campus"
  • Graduate programs
  • Leadership programs

All the above programs are based on the view that the educational, social and economic disparities in Israeli society are extremely wide, even wider than the disparities in American society. Therefore, we invite students – the next generation of leaders – to participate in the discussion, insights and activism for social change and a more egalitarian society, based on values of justice and social rights.
We hope you will find a framework in the Unit for meaningful social activism and involvement, that will give you an opportunity to contribute and from which you can Recompense and develop social awareness and sensitivity towards disadvantaged populations in Israeli society.
Thank you for contacting the Unit and we wish you success.
The Unit has an Open-Door Policy, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries, concerns or suggestions. 
Please note: You can only participate in one program: If you have signed up to an additional foundation that requires social involvement, please choose only one!
Yours Faithfully.

Yifat Cohen Hadad

Director of the Social Involvement Division

Tel: 02-5882364
Fax: 02-5880174
Office hours: 7:30-15:00