Specialization in the Service

Specialization in clinical psychology - Psychological Service of the Hebrew University (consulting services)
Student counseling services at Hebrew University announce registration for internship in clinical psychology. The Service is an ambulatory clinical facility for treatment of adults, and it is accredited by the Ministry of Health from 1979. The patients population consists of students at Hebrew University and other institutions of higher education, as well as university employees. The internship program is open for holders of M.A. in clinical psychology.
Three years -  The internship is part-time (20 weekly hours) for three years.
Internship program
The interns will participate in ongoing clinical activity at the Service, with an emphasis on individual psychotherapy using psychodynamic approach.
Trainings: 2 weekly hours of personal training in dynamic psychotherapy
Psychotherapy group training
Group or couples training in diagnostics
Reading seminar - psychoanalytic theories (3 years)
Intake seminar (semester)
CBT training seminar for anxiety disorders (semester)
Treatment hours: 10 weekly hours distributed between dynamic therapies and CBT treatments.
Please submit:
  1. Formal curriculum vitae (C.V.) with detailed description of practical work (clinical or other). Highlight the psychodynamic clinical experience as well as CBT experience.
  2. Description of life course from a personal perspective - three printed pages at most. This description is intended to allow the applicant to express his understanding about his life course and the relation to his personal evolution as a therapist.
  3. Official description of the courses and grades within M.A. studies and certificate of graduation (or thesis submission) 
  4. At least two letters of recommendation from instructors who are familiar with applicant’s professional work (preferably personal instructors). Please include phone numbers of references to contact.
  5. Email address and telephone number (to deliver invitation to an interview).
  6. Attach a recent photo (passport photo)

The applicants should submit ll required documents before 1.9.19. Applications will not be accepted after this date. Suitable applicants will be invited for interviews. 
Applications address
Dr. Meir Perlov, Training Manager, Student counseling services,
Reznick 10 dormitories, Mount Scopus
Hebrew University of Jerusalem 91905
Tel: 02-5881699 or 02-5880249.
Email:  meirperlov@gmail.com