Student Dialog Group


The student period is a time for acquaintance, dialogue, resolving difficulties and finding alternatives to building a more just and less divided society between two groups of students that barely meet until they come to university, namely the Jewish students and the Arab students.
Today's students will tomorrow integrate, as university graduates, into meaningful key jobs and lead Israeli society. Before they leave the university, students from both groups should stop, look around, meet and talk with each other so that they can share the insights and abilities that emerge from this dialogue with new colleagues with whom they will work, volunteer or socialize, and together find a new and better path for Israeli society.

How it works

14 students will be selected – half of them Jewish, half of them Arabs – and required to participate in the following:

  • Experiential individual-group study of areas of conflict in Israeli society 
  • Study days and ceremonies

The group will be facilitated by two coordinators, one Jewish, the other Arab.


The scope of activity required is 85 hours throughout the academic year, in exchange for a grant of NIS 2,500 which will be transferred to the student's account at the university in two stages: during the semester break and at the end of the academic year.

How to sign up to the program

  • Applicants are to send their resume to the email address below and include a cover letter explaining their reason for wanting to participate in the program.
  • Only suitable applicants will receive a reply.
  • Candidates will be invited to a group interview and an individual interview in September.

Email address for questions and/or queries: