Student Inquiries

The activities of the Accessibility Unit:

  • Self-advocacy assistance, mediation with different entities at the University (lecturers, secretariats, etc.)
  • Referral to evaluation or treatment and other relevant services in the University and beyond, if necessary.
  • Consultation regarding assistive technology solutions (FM devices, ergonomic equipment and assistive software).
  • Provision of recommendations for adjustments in examinations based on medical documentation.
  • Cooperation with the National Insurance Institute and the Ministry of Defense, and assistance in the realization of rights for auxiliary services (tutoring, additional lessons, transcription, etc.).

You can also contact the Accessibility Unit regarding additional problems such as special housing conditions in dormitories and other issues emerging following accessibility difficulties. The Accessibility Unit handles student inquiries free of charge. Students wishing to use the services of the Accessibility Unit are invited to contact the accessibility coordinator and to schedule a personal appointment, if necessary. You can contact via e-mail, Please append all appropriate medical documentation. The relevant forms can be downloaded here