Support Program for Students Coping with Mental Disorder

Support program for students with disabilities due to a mental disorder. The program includes personal support (without the need for exposure) and helps students cope with difficulties that arise during the course of studies. The support, which is up to four hours a week, is provided by student mentors (who receive ongoing professional training).

Areas of assistance:

  • Assistance in checking eligibility to recognition of disability by the National Insurance Institute and the Ministry of Health.
  •  Assistance in the process of registering and building a studies timetable.
  • Developing and improving study skills.
  • Social and emotional support.
  • Familiarity with university services: libraries, offices, social services and other support services.
  • Mediation and liaison with university employees - lecturers and administrative staff.
  • Guidance and liaison with therapeutic and rehabilitation entities.

The program is intended for students who are recognized as eligible by the National Insurance Institute for rehabilitation benefits.
For details please contact: 
Ayelet Shochat
Mobile: 0506-822234 Fax: 02-5880456