Synagogues and Places of Prayer


Mt. Scopus Campus:

Hecht Synagogue, Humanities Building, Block
Morning prayers (shacharit): 07:00
Evening prayers (ma'ariv): 22:00
Prayers are organized by the students


Prayers are held in the activities room in Building 4 in the Student Village.
Shabbat prayers and meals are coordinated with the Activities Coordinators of the student dorms.

Edmond J. Safra Campus, Givat Ram:

The Israel Goldstein Synagogue is located opposite the dormitory buildings + the Popik Bldg. bomb shelter + the map room in the National Library + the bomb shelter in the Casali Institute of Applied Chemistry + the dining room, in the construction and infrastructure department.

Prayer times:
Afternoon prayers (mincha):
13:30 and16:00 on second floor of the National Library.
13:45 in the administration bldg. and in the bomb shelter of the Casali Bldg. 
Evening prayers (ma'ariv): 
22:00 in the shelter of the Popik Bldg, and in Bldg. 9 of the student dormitories. 
(Prayers are organized by the students.)


The synagogue in the student dorms
07:00 - morning prayers (shacharit)
22:00 - evening prayers (ma'ariv) [organized by students]
Afternoon prayers (mincha) in the administrative bldg.

Ein Karem:

Synagogue of the Hadassah Medical Center