Tuition Appeals Committee

Procedure of Tuition Appeals Committee


Occasionally, students appeal to have the amount of their tuition fees changed due to the cancellation of classes, the cancellation of courses without final grade, the cancellation of ongoing expenses, or late submission of a paper, for various reasons. For this reason, a Tuition Appeals Committee was established ("the Committee"), whose purpose is to discuss appeals in this context. It should be emphasized that the purpose of the Committee is to discuss requests that relate to unusual and unexpected circumstances, and not with appeals that are justified for other reasons. The purpose of this procedure is to regulate the matter.

Submitting an appeal to the Committee

Information about the Committee will be published on the Dean of Students website in the Tuition and Payments section. To appeal to the Committee, students fill out a designated form, detailing their reasons for requesting a change in the tuition fees. A student whose appeal relates to a past school year must justify and explain the delay in his appeal. The form is filled out electronically and is not handwritten. Appropriate documents and approvals in support of the reasons for the request must be attached to the appeal. An appeal submitted without such documents and approvals shall not be dealt with and shall not be brought before the Committee for discussion. The appeal form and documents should be submitted by the form
Inquiries regarding tuition fees in the context of parenting should be submitted by the form.
Inquiries regarding tuition fees in the context of reserve duty should be addressed by designated form

Issues that are not handled by the Committee

The Committee does not discuss requests the cancellation of security fees, welfare payments, Student Union fees, and interest charges. Early screening of appeals Every appeal goes through early screening by the welfare coordinator in the Dean of Students.

Appeals that do not relate to unusual and unexpected circumstances, such as those listed below, will not be brought before the Committee for discussion:

  • Failure to meet the deadline for syllabus changes, due to forgetfulness.
  • Failure to find the course(s) interesting.
  • Work, studies or family overload
  • Failure to obtain a study permit from workplace for time off to attend classes.
  • Travel abroad not due to unusual and unexpected circumstances.
  • Other appeals not due to exceptional and unexpected circumstances.

Appeals that are brought to the Committee for discussion

  • Appeals related to exceptional and unexpected circumstances, such as those specified below, will be brought before the Committee for discussion:
  • Physical or mental health problems of the student or family members.
  • A period of mourning in the family.
  • Other appeals due to unusual and unexpected circumstances.

Committee meetings

The committee will convene once every three or four weeks.

Composition of Committee

  • Dean of Students, Chairman
  • Academic staff member - to be appointed by the rector, for a period of two years.
  • Director of the Unit for Teaching and Student Affairs or his deputy.
  • Academic Head of the Student Union.
  • Welfare Coordinator in the Dean of Students, Committee Coordinator


The Committee will make its decision within 45 days from the date of receiving all the documents pertaining to the appeal. The Dean of Students may extend this date in special circumstances that shall be recorded. The decision will be sent to the appellant. 


Once a year, the Committee will report to the Rector on the cases brought before it, without specifying identifying details of the appellants.