Women's Groups for Social Involvement


To enable female students to participate in an atmosphere of social study and activism aimed at raising their awareness and social sensitivity that will find expression during their student life and their future life after graduation. The students will gain experience in forming a communicative, cooperative and empowering leadership group for the Recompense of Israeli society, based on the values of human rights and social rights. In the first semester, the group will focus on feminist issues and feminist pedagogy and in the second semester on feminist leadership.

How it works:

14 students will be selected for the program - preference will be given to graduate students who will be asked to participate in the following

  • Experiential personal-social study of feminist issues in weekly three-hour sessions.
  • Preparation and study days, as well as ceremonies.
  • In pairs: Create a women's group in the community that the pair will prepare for and facilitate once a week for 4 hours. 
  • Students will be supervised by an academic supervisor and a practicum coordinator


The scope of the required activity is about 192 hours throughout the academic year, in exchange for a scholarship of NIS 7,800 that will be transferred to the student's account at the university in two stages: during the semester break and at the end of the year's activity.

How to sign up to the program

  • Applicants should send their resume to the email address below and include a cover letter explaining their reason for wanting to participate in the program.
  • We will only reply to suitable applicants. 
  • The candidates will be invited to a group interview and a personal interview in September.

Please send inquiries the the following email address: dakars@savion.huji.ac.il