“You come to the University on your first day of studies, scared, but happy, because you think you're going to have fun, and the academic year begins. On the first day the lecturer speaks at a very quick pace, nonstop. And so, after an hour and a half (yes, an hour and a half) you are sitting in class and trying to be well focused and to summarize the lesson at impossible pace. After a week you start getting a rain of assignments, don't know how to start to write, cannot remember the material, there's no time to meet with friends, and you sit for hours in the library because you're not sure whether you need to put the comma before or after the name of the article author. In short, it's hard. Can't figure out how this “free student” expression still exists."

Sounds familiar? Want to change the learning experience? You are invited to register to the Unit's learning workshops. 



Assisting Technology Workshop

סדנת הכנה מסייעת

Prepare to Exams Workshop



Time Management Workshop

Time management