Haredi educated students

As part of the Council for Higher Education's policy, the Council provides an educational-economic encompassing program for students of the Ultra-Orthodox community, studying for their first and second degrees. The program at the Hebrew University is implemented by The Equal Opportunities Unit in the Dean of Students Office. The unit works in conjunction with various units in the Dean of Students Office, helping students to overcome distinct challenges on their way to acquiring a degree.

The main goal of the program is to promote academic excellence and prevent the incidence of “drop outs”. The purpose of the program is to provide maximum support for every Ultra-Orthodox student, and helping them to balance their personal, economic and academic needs, as well as viewing these students’ needs in a systemic-holistic manner.

The assistance provided in the program by the Unit for Equal Opportunities:

1. Academic support.

2. Assistance in providing psychological counseling.

3. Subsidizing diagnostic testing for those with learning disabilities.

4. Cultural events.

5. Personal guidance and direction.

Encompassing program for Haredi educated students

Application form to the Equal Opportunities Unit