Preparatory courses

The Preparatory Course is located at the Hebrew University's Mount Scopus campus in Jerusalem. The preparatory program is part of the Equal Opportunities Unit and under the auspices of Dean of Studies Office of the Hebrew University, and is where students complete their full Matriculation certificate with an emphasis on societal issues guidance and for each student.

The preparatory program is intended for students who don’t have a complete high school Matriculation certificate. This certificate is essential for entering the world of academic study.

This preparatory program is one of the leading programs in Israel with a high percentage of students who receive their Matriculation certificate and successfully integrate into a variety of higher education institutions.

The preparatory program is a well-organized academic framework. The teaching staff consists of experienced, veteran teachers who excel in teaching heterogeneous classes. The teaching staff is dedicated and caring, with a high level of social awareness and the ability to assist students personally and help them cope with their difficulties. The quota of teaching hours is suited to the needs of the students and enables them to cover the material needed to complete their Matriculation certificate. In addition, there are reinforcement lessons and personal mentoring for students who require it. The reinforcement lessons are during the afternoon hours and mentoring is provided by students at the Hebrew University.


Mechina Director – Tali Buskila

Mt. Scopus Campus, Frank Sinatra Building, room 3-005
Sun-Thu 09:30-16:00
Tel: 02.5881825
Fax: 02.5880174